Transmission Rebuilds, Exchange Units, & Repairs

A transmission is essential to the drivetrain of your vehicle as it makes sure the power of your engine goes to your wheels to drive the car. In modern cars, there are two main types of transmissions, Manual and Automatic. Gears keep the engine from spinning too quick to prevent the engine from self-destructing. With manual transmissions, you control which gears are being used by pressing the clutch and shifting the gears into place. With automatic transmissions, your car will determine which gear is optimal and shift the gears for you.

This means your automatic transmission is a critical to making your car driveable. Here are some common symptoms which could mean your automatic transmission is due in for a repair:

  • Slipping, grinding or shaking when you switch gears:
    • A sign of an automatic transmission that is functioning well is that switching from gear to gear is smooth. If there is any grinding or shaking when gears are changed, it could be a sign of damaged gears.
  • The car won’t respond to controls when it is in gear:
    • This could be a computer systems problem where your car doesn’t recognize the gears. This can be resolved by disengaging and reengaging the battery.
    • If your car has a delay or doesn’t respond when you transfer between drive and reverse, this could be an issue with the transmission fluid.
  • Burning smell from the underside of the car
    • This can mean your transmission fluid is overheated, or low. This could simply mean the transmission fluid has been used over time, or this could suggest a leak. Usually transmission fluid does not decrease with time.
  • Gears slipping
    • If your car is slipping out of gear and you need to accelerate to avoid it, this could be a major safety hazard. This could be due to a computer malfunction where the signal to shift gears is being interrupted.
Transmission Rebuild

Issues with your automatic transmission could be a serious safety hazard. If you are looking for Ford Transmission Repairs or an Automatic Transmission Rebuild, call Automatic Transmission Rebuilders on (03) 9388 8748. We service Northern Suburbs Melbourne including Coburg, Richmond, and Brunswick. If you are looking for the best and most reliable transmission repairs in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to call us.