At Automatic Transmission Rebuilder we work on all aspects of your car’s drivetrain including Differential and Gearbox Repairs. We are the premier place for drivetrain work in Melbourne. The drivetrain includes the gearbox and the differential and is what allows the power from your engine to drive your wheels. While on front wheel drive cars the gearbox and differential are together, on rear wheel drive cars they are separate. Differentials are important to the car as they are what allows your wheels to spin at different speeds, allowing your car to make turns.

Differentials are some of the most reliable components in your vehicle. However, the differential experiences significant stress and it could fracture or crack under load. Here are some symptoms that would suggest your differential is due in for a repair:

  • Whistling or whining noises:
    • If there are high pitched noises from under your car which get louder as your car goes faster, it can be a sign that your differential is under stress or has a crack
  • Banging or grinding noises:
    • This could be a sign that your joints or bearings are worn or damaged.
  • Jerking while turning:
    • If the car is lurching while turning, this could be a sign that your joints or bearings are disintegrating
  • Burning odour:
    • A burning odour can mean your oil in the differential is deteriorating or low
  • Your car is immobile:
    • This is the worst-case scenario. If your car cannot move, it might mean you have broken gears or axles. This will need a replacement.

Recognizing the signs your differential needs a repair is important. A simple repair might cost between $450 and $700, while a full differential replacement can be over $2500. If you are facing any of the symptoms above, calling Automatic Transmission Rebuilder early could save you a lot of money. We service Northern Suburbs Melbourne, including Coburg, Richmond and Brunswick. Call us on (03) 9388 8748 if you are facing any issues with your drivetrain.